Hazardous Waste And What To Do With It

Disposing of any hazardous waste into your normal household rubbish collection is illegal. So what exactly must we avoid putting in our bins and how do we dispose of it responsibly in Kent?


With exception of the Sheerness site, all HWRC's in Kent accept asbestos. They have set out the guidance below to be followed:

"No more than 5 sacks (or equivalent) per month.

The asbestos must be:

  • double bagged or wrapped in heavy duty plastic sheeting

  • not sticking out from the packaging

  • no more than 10 feet (3 metres) x 5 feet (1.5 metres)

  • kept damp

Wear protective gloves and a face mask and do not break or cut it.

The asbestos container is kept locked for health and safety reasons. Please ask a member of staff on site to unlock the container for you. They will not be able to help you lift the asbestos."

Removing asbestos yourself is very dangerous and you should take every precaution to make sure you don't breath it in, as it can have fatal consequences.

Asbestos is a waste that we at Easy Clear Out are not qualified to safely remove ourselves, we do however work with a trusted Kent contractor, who removes asbestos safely and disposes of it responsibly.

Car Batteries

Most garages will dispose of your old car battery when they fit you with a new one. Some may charge a small fee for this service.

All HWRC's in Kent will accept your old car batteries for safe disposal also.

Car Tyres

These are accepted at all Kent HWRC's. However there are some limits and costs involved. The amount of tyres you can dispose of per visit is 5 and they cost £2.50 each. Cash and cheques are not accepted and payments must be made by card.

At Easy Clear Our we will collect your tyres for you but they do incur a higher fee as they are harder to process compared to normal household waste.

Fire Extinguishers

All fire extinguishers can be dropped off at your local HWRC for free. Those containing water and CO2 should be discharged first as per the manufacturers guidance but it is not recommended to discharge the foam and powder extinguishers unless you're a qualified individual.

Gas Canisters and Bottles

These cannot be removed along with your normal household waste as they pose a risk of explosion. These can be returned for free to the original supplier, or the HWRC will take them for reusing.

Oil, Petrol and Diesel

It goes without saying that these are highly flammable and highly damaging to our environment. Contact your local HWRC to see if they will accept a small amount or they'll be able to advise you the best way of disposing for this locally to you.


In Kent we are lucky enough to have the fantastic "Necessary Furniture" who run a scheme taking in paint donations for reuse in the community. If you have any paint you're looking to recycle then this is the first port of call.

However, if your paint isn't suitable for this then please contact your local HWRC for advice.

Raw Meat or Fish Unpackaged

Raw and partially cooked meat and fish are prohibited from bring sent to landfill because of the hazards it presents. Unfortunately we can't take this waste type as part of your normal clear out but if you contact our friendly office team, they'll be able to help you with a suitable solution.

Solvents and Toxic Waste

These pose a risk to humans, animals and the environment if disposed of incorrectly. You may be able to find a HWRC in Kent that is able to take this in for you.

At Easy Clear Out Ltd, we sometimes cannot take your waste within a normal clear out, due to the health and safety risks and compliance with our license. If you find that you have waste that is dangerous or difficult to remove, then contact our team and we are always able to put together a bespoke solution to your waste problem.

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